I finally had my licence come through from my local council so it’s all official, I can run my own bar. That’s the easy bit out of the way. Now I have to actually find a bar and get the money together to fit it out, stock it, get staff and get customers. This bit is not going to be so easy, especially the raising funds portion.

I fully understand that the vision I have in my head will be quite expensive and even if I downplay it all for a while to earn the money so I can pay for additional fit outs at a later date it will still be expensive and so my next step is to try and raise the funds. I figure that there is no point in trying to find a property until I have the money to pay for the lease and all the other bits and pieces.

I am also looking for a mentor. Having never done this before I realise that whilst my dream is to have a beautiful, well stocked bar and happy customers, it is ultimately a business and so finding a mentor that has knowledge of what I am trying to do is essential, they may or may not be able to help with funding too but ultimately knowledge is what is key here.

That is pretty much where I stand at the moment, I have to research where I can get funding and how to find a mentor so I suspect this will take a little time, in the meantime I keep my dream and momentum alive by these blog posts



I want to have my own bar. I have wanted this for some time. In my mind’s eye it is a perfect place, the industrial look and feel of the place, the comfortable chairs, the well-stocked bar, and the knowledgeable staff: rarely is this (currently virtual) place out of my thoughts.

My first step was to do a course, and one that I needed to do was the Level 2 BIIAB Award for Personal Licence Holders. I decided to go with Knight Training but there are a number of training providers that will supply this course.

After a few days I got a booklet through the post and I read it, and then re-read it again and again over a period of about 2 weeks I read it about 6 times. I did this as I am not the best at studying, particularly so when reading from a book, I find my mind wanders. On the day I did the course and I found it fairly easy (hopefully due to me constantly reading that book which) and I passed.

This gives me the qualification that enables me to go get the personal licence. To actually get that licence you need to also get a DBS (Disclosure Barring Service) check (this has replaced the previous term which was CRB). At the time of writing this I have not applied for the DBS check but I will be doing this imminently. Once I get the personal licence I can run a bar.

So, if running a bar is something you want to do yourself then the Level 2 BIIAB Award for Personal Licence Holders course is your first real step I think towards that.

The Dream

As of writing That’s the Spirit isn’t a physical bar but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I can picture it in my minds eye. I can see exactly what it looks like, the people that work there and how they are dressed, what alcohol (and non alcoholic) drinks are stocked and what food is served, even what glasses we have. The whole look and feel of it is alive in my mind as if I was standing in the freshly painted doorway for the first time.

It’s a great place and there will be so much to enjoy there whether you are out for a quick drink after work with a few friends or out for the evening with a loved one or indeed your whole family.

As there is currently no physical building to come to I will outline my journey on what I did along the way as well as ideas around drinks and various other things that are relevant towards my bar. The timescales between these events may be quite long because as well as working towards this dream real life still happens, bills have to be paid and so it may not move along as quickly as I would like, but it will move along.

When it does happen though it will for me be an exciting time, hopefully for the patrons too.