The wine bar has been a thing for a while now, if you’re lucky and frequent a good one you will be treated to a fairly decent range of good quality wine over a range of prices as well as some beers and some basic spirits.

What if you were even luckier and had access to a spirit bar? A spirit bar would give you access to a wide range of spirits, even the basic spirit that you would use with a mixer would be superior to the standard fare in the local pub but you would also have the change to taste some seriously nice premium spirits at an affordable price.

Also rather than having other offerings as an afterthought that spirit bar would also still have an excellent range of wines and beers including craft beers as well as a small offering of select cocktails.

Sound attractive? I hope so as this is my dream something that is in my head at the moment but also something that I am slowly working towards making a reality, my reality. Welcome to That’s the Spirit.